Health "Newton of Gillbrook"

The health of my dogs is very important to me. All breeding animals are regularly tested for their state of health, at least according to the requirements of the ICC e.V. In addition, all my dogs are regularly vaccinated according to the VDH vaccination scheme and have a valid rabies vaccine. My dogs are dewormed regularly.


Kind Date Execution Result
Heart 20.09.2019 Auskultation Grade 0
Heart 13.09.2018 Auskultation Grade 0
Heart 08.08.2017 Auskultation Grade 0
Heart 21.09.2018 Ultrasonic without findings
Patella 13.09.2018 Examination left 0, right 0
CC 19.05.2018 DNA Test free
EF 19.05.2018 DNA Test free
SM 18.09.2018 MRI 0c
PSOM 18.09.2018 MRI free
CM 18.09.2018 MRI 2c