Date  Event
31.08.2019  Oer-Erkenschwick Show, by judge Julia Dodeck Newton gets a V1
14.04.2019  Schwelm Show, by judge  Maria Walter Newton gets a V1 and becomes Westfalen`s Best & BOS
03.11.2018  Dünwald Show, by judge Manja Bruse Newton gets a V1 and becomes Dünwald Junior Winner 2018
23.09.2018  Newton has received the official ICC breed approval.
21.09.2018  Now, Newton has also completed a flawless heart ultrasound examination.
18.09.2018  Newton has filed the MRI in Best with 0c.
13.09.2018  Today, there has been a successful patella examination.
09.05.2018  Newton has successfully completed the EF / CC DNA test.
15.04.2018  Newton has successfully completed his behavioral assessment.
11.06.2017  Newton was born at 1:15 am as the first puppy from a 5er litter without any problems.